All you will need to get started is the "Build Your Own Igloo" instruction manual which will show you how to:

The only thing you will need to decide is how ambitious you are going to be. (Our advice is start small and go bigger as you get more confident and experienced).

"I was totally amazed, in less than an hour we had managed to build an igloo big enough for our 2 children to play in. I had never tried anything like this before because I thought I would need special skills and tools when in fact all I ever needed was a simple step by step set of instructions. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really made my kids day."
David Connachie

So if you want to Wow your kids and impress the heck out of your neighbours then get your copy of the "Build Your Own Igloo" Manual today and prepare to be the coolest parents in the street.

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